Creativity for Wellbeing exists to promote, facilitate and enable a particular kind of group experience. Within a Creativity for Wellbeing workshop, participants engage in a unique combination of structured periods of relaxation, art making and sharing. Together, we use our playful creativity to deepen our insights, understanding and connections; to collectively achieve enhanced wellbeing.



Being creative is a natural process. Workshop participants need no specific skill or talent Рthe only requirements are to be willing and able to share in a co-creative experience. Small groups can explore the potential of the workshop process as a special time and place for connecting with, sharing and celebrating our intuitive, expressive and implicit creativity.

Introductory workshops and series of connected workshops are regularly held at a variety of different times and locations. All materials are provided. Cost per person varies depending on circumstances and local exchange availability.

Information on, and tickets for, upcoming workshops are usually available on Eventbrite, and/or Facebook, but the best way to hear about all upcoming workshops is to join Lindsay’s email list. You may request this via the “Contact” page.


Group Bookings

Group bookings are planned on a case-by-case basis. Contact me to discuss how I could facilitate a workshop specific to the needs of your group.