Creativity for Wellbeing workshops have evolved from a variety of inspirations experienced by Lindsay Gibson. Lindsay’s background encompasses Focusing and Creative Journeying from a person-centred perspective. Lindsay also holds a postgraduate diploma in Art Therapy and is a qualified Relaxation Therapist. All these elements contribute to Lindsay’s practice in workshop facilitation. Lindsay’s work has multiple strands: workshop facilitation, drawing and painting, and participatory process art. These strands weave together; inspiring and benefitting each other. The importance of working with others is such an essential element in Lindsay’s process, it was the workshop strand on its own which prompted the creation of this public window.

The workshops use a combination of structured exercises that support peer learning. This combination of activities provides space for each participant to give themselves the gift of sustained and kindly attention. The benefits of this inward focus are far-reaching – our wellbeing is enhanced when we are able to clear-sightedly observe our shifting relationships with the realities of ourselves, each other and the world.

All too often our only engagement in cultural life is as consumers or producers. Beyond this, process art provides a more direct way of connecting with our creative and cultural lives. In the workshops we focus our attention on the playful process of making rather than on producing a finished piece.

The physicality of this process lets us speak another language – one that is embodied, and not necessarily spoken. The aim is to empower each participant to embrace their innate creativity, support one another, and deepen their insight into their unique lived experience.

The visible part of art is like the tip of an iceberg. Out of sight, underwater, lie the worlds of emotion, sensation, memory and dreams.  These elements are present when we use art to communicate – art is meant to be felt, even more than it is meant to be seen. Its intrinsic qualities are what make art such a powerful, effective, universal language – one that anybody can harness.

The group plays a vital role in the process. The presence of another person is sometimes all we need to move forward from stuck places. Further, the supportive engagement of a peer process encourages us to expand our appreciation of creativity beyond the individual, and experience it as deeply collaborative.

Everyone who makes something freely with their hands bring into being relationships of colour, line and form. The opportunity arises for what they have made to reflect back to them – relaying what their embodied wisdom already knows, and has been waiting to share.

“I recommend these workshops with Lindsay Gibson to anyone who can make it to Edinburgh. The venue is lovely and the facilitator is an insightful, supportive delight, providing beautiful materials and relaxed encouragement to explore.” Lilian Brzoska   “Lindsay’s enthusiastic, yet gentle guidance inspired and encouraged ‘my inner artist’ to show itself. The community-based … Continue reading Testimonials